Welcome to the world of Eralasse – The Emerald Reaches


The Emerald Reaches of Eralasse have a feel of political noir, pulp fiction, and high fantasy, merged with the wonder of a burgeoning steampunk futurism. A world that has seen civilizations rise and fall, the ancient and the modern mix with startling frequency. Cities in Eralasse tend to be more populous than their standard fantasy counterparts, and transportation possibilities vary greatly. The races, much like Eberron, have given up their racial strifes to replace them with regional strife. Each land has it’s own ruling method, but all lands fall under the reach of the Emperor, who is both the ruler of Ceres and the ruler of the Emerald Reaches. There are four major areas in Eralasse (of which the Emerald Reaches are one), each ruled by an emperor. Reading is common, and children often travel to the great cities to attend schooling and apprenticeships, regardless of their monetary status. Large swathes of the world, however, tend to be unpopulated, due to monster incursions or uncontrollable magic/technology from civilizations past. Stories set in Eralasse are often mixtures of complex motivations, power technologies, epic battles, and mixed emotions at their completion. There are few true heroes in Eralasse, and similarly few pure villains.

About Eralasse and the Emerald Reaches

Eralasse is an ancient world, and has seen wonders come and go throughout the ages. In the Emerald Reaches, the first section of Eralasse released, technology and magic work hand-in-hand to bring adventurers to distant jungles, arid deserts, and frozen tundras alike. Remnants of long-dead civilizations peer out from everywhere, and humanoids and monsters alike have built cities and livings around some of the greatest of these artifacts. The forges of the Steamcrafters of Maldor were ancient before they began their craft, and the city of Orn Vedin, seat of the mystical Mithril Council, is build large around an ancient tower that touches the limits of the sky, it’s upper reaches inaccessible and unexplored to this day.

Politics and intrigue play a large part in the world of Eralasse. The noble houses of each kingdom travel to Ceres to stealthily vie for power in the halls of Daenwyr, the palace of the Emperor. Rigid military empires mix with anarchic barbarian kingdoms, while the races of monsters, dragons, and masters of the Underdark seek any subtle advantage to wield influence in the Reaches daily.

Despite it’s wonders, or perhaps because of them, Eralasse is a world that has known war. From the deadly territorial wars between races, to the ill-fated war against the machine-men of a crazed Exarch of Maldor, to the War of Waves between the navies of Tredis Vael and the “pirate” fleets of the merchants of Celeste. No war, however, would match the ferocity of the Purge of Sharthun.

The Purge of Sharthun

Freed from his interdimensional prison, the demon lord Orcus ripped into the Emerald reaches, in the heart of the church-state of Sharthun. Alerted of his presence, the Archon of Sharthun, Il’Nizod, rode with his holy armies to face Orcus and his minions. Though epicly powerful, Il’Nizod was no match for Orcus, and lost his life in battle with the demon. Orcus resurrected him, binding him to his service as a lich, leaving him the memories of his life of holiness and good while driving him to unspeakable evil. With Il’Nizod’s army risen as undead, and bolstered by demons and the power of Orcus, their war spread like a plague over Sharthun, decimating all life there. Il’Nizod employed races of orcs, minotaurs, trolls, and other humanoid monsters to begin warring with the nations of men. The whole of the Emerald Reaches exploded into war, with an ever-increasing army of ghouls and wraiths for Orcus to command as the nations lost countless lives in the fields of Sharthun. It would be two events that would turn the tide of the battle.

The first was the intercession of a Minotaur general named Urdos, who had tired of watching his men die in battle, then fighting besides the rotting stench of their corpses. Distrusting of the other races but understanding his plight, Urdos began to recruit monsters from within his ranks for his own secret army. On the eve of one of Il’Nizod’s greatest offensives, Urdos and his army defected, driving back the undead and winning the day, though with terrible losses. Urdos was tentatively accepted into the armies of the Emerald Reaches, exchanging information for a measure of good will.

Even this would have been in vain, had it not been for the second decision. Faced with the terrible decision of invading Sharthun with the full might of his armies, possibly losing hundreds of thousands of men, the current Exarch of Maldor was given permission to reactivate the construct army of Warforged that had once warred with the Reaches at the whim of a previous Exarch. The Warforged, sentient but bound to obey, were amassed to march into Sharthun. Immune to the death magic of Orcus, the Warforged, led by a smaller force of Tredis Vael elite forces and Urdos and his Chosen, ripped their way to the heart of Sharthun, to the base of Il’Nizod’s fortress, and destroyed his armies, though they suffered great losses in doing so. It was then that the first Mithril Council, a collection of one hundred of the greatest psionic, divine, and arcane powers in the world, cast the spell to use Il’Nizod’s power to destroy Orcus, sacrificing themselves in the process.

Sharthun today is a place of death, negative energy flowing through it. Those who die in Sharthun are said to be raised as unspeakable evils, bent on continuing their previous masters desire. The ground is hard and cracked, dust blowing on the surface, and the nothern areas are covered in hard, dark ice and inky glaciers, in which the greater evils of the armies of Orcus are said to be imprisoned.

Urdos and his band were awarded their own nation, in exchange for continuing to defend against the encroaching undead. The land granted is now the nation of Umgard. For their efforts and losses, the Warforged were granted freedom from their Ward of Obedience, and are truly free to pursue their own lives.

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